18th August
written by Hope

Hiya! Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve added a couple of features to our map. Now, when you click on a destination on the map or a portion of the timeline, not only will you see a link to all blog posts mentioning that destination (provided I’ve blogged about it), but you’ll also see a link to our photos of that place on Flickr (provided I’ve uploaded them)! Handy, huh? Note that since I’m a bit behind on the posts, you will only see active links for our travels through Japan.

PLUS, since the blog and our actual location are not always in sync (for example, we’re in Turkey right now, but our blog is only updated through Takayama), we’ve added a little icon on the map to let you know where we are…Right. This. Second. So, if you find yourself wondering “where the heck are Hope and Jeremy?” just check the map! We promise to update this far more often than we post. Cross our hearts.

And, here’s a taste of where we’re at now:

turkish ladies on the ferry across the sea of marmara
Turkish ladies on the ferry across the Sea of Marmara.

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