written by Hope & Jeremy

Hope is 5 foot 11. She is a graphic designer, seamster, and author. She is happiest when she’s refashioning clothes, reading a good New Yorker article, taking pretty pictures, or creating letterforms. She has an unreasonable affinity for vintage fashion, making lists, big salads, and granny quilts. Hope likes her chocolate plain (no fruit or nuts, please) and her burgers medium rare.

Jeremy is 6 foot 4. He is a highly trained athlete AND a computer nerd; a caffeine addict and a lover of good tequilas. He likes to garden, eat cherry cream cheese danishes, and play in the dirt with friends.

Together we are 12FOOT3. We’ve been together for almost 6 years and married for 1. Normally we live in the sunny Mission district of San Francisco, California with our two cats, a closet stuffed with fabric (Hope’s), and a garage full of sporting gear (Jeremy’s). We love eating, cooking, going to hippie hot springs, eating, obsessively watching TV dramas (ahem, The Wire, Mad Men), drinking wine, and eating.

Since we got together, we’ve been talking about traveling together for an extended period of time (especially after our friends Susan and Grace did it), but the timing was never right. Turns out the timing is never right to leave your life for a year. So we set a date, quit our jobs, packed up our house (or most of it), and set off in November of 2008 for a 13 month (or maybe more) trip around the world. Our first stop is New Zealand and our last planned stop is Argentina. Along the way, we plan on experiencing all the nature, design, and food this big blue marble has to offer.