25th December
written by Hope

We’re planning on having all of our photos displayed in fancy Flash-based albums organized by country, but we need a better (and cheaper) internet connection before we get that up and running. So in the meantime, if you just cant wait to see all 378 photos we took in NZ, you can click on the photo below to see the set on Flickr.

sunset at otaki
Sunset at Otaki Beach, with view of Kapiti Island.

Our New Zealand photos on Flickr

Happy holidays, everyone!

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  1. Hope's Dad

    Nice to see you and to talk to you for two days.
    We are fine. However, this Christmas doesn’t seem the same like the ones before. Of course, we miss you. Among your generation, there are only Eddo, Jerome and Chou Li around this year. Jasmine is in Austria (Europe). Felix and Lilly are in Bay area.
    This morning, I shaved off my mustache. No more Santa look.

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