4th December
written by Hope

…but we fly back to the US in a week and we’re busy eating up every last morsel of our travel pie. So, this means postings might be light in the next week as we hike our way through Patagonia. If you want to know exactly where we’re headed in the next 7 days (and the following few months, as we continue our travels in the US!), check out our map.

For those who haven’t quite noticed yet, we’re about 4 months behind on the blog. We’re in Argentina right now, but we’ve only gotten as far as Turkey on 12FOOT3. Never fear, we’ll catch up…there are some great travel stories ahead so stay with us! It will be worth it!

And since you’ve been so patient, here’s a sneak preview of where we are RIGHT NOW (in Bariloche, a medium-size town in Argentina’s Lake District):

Jeremy hiking through snow on Cerro Lopez, with fabulous views of the Lake District!


  1. Laurie Hermann

    Wow…what a gorgeous photo!! Can’t wait to see you both! xo me

  2. Bunny

    Jeremy, you look like you’re out on a summer hike. Where’s your fleece, down, wool winter garments? Hope you’re not walking thru snow in flip flops. (A mother’s observation.)

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