8th July
written by Hope

View as we fly into Beijing from Tokyo. Apologies for the dirty window!

Hiya! Just a quick note to let y’alls know that we’ve updated our route map! Our original plan was to fly to Jordan after China, but we just discovered that it’s going to be “capital H” Hot there right now. So we’ve added London as a destination, mostly because we have friends there (and we’ve had such an amazing time visiting places where we know peeps!), but also to kill sometime while this planet cools down a bit (at least in the northern hemisphere).

Note that for all future destinations on our map, we’ve only added our flight points…for instance, when we’re in London, we will actually be visiting Ireland and…some other mystery country (possibly Sweden because we have family there, but we are open to other suggestions if you’ve got ‘em!), even though our map only shows that we will be in London for 3 weeks. Also, we show Madrid as a destination, but we won’t be staying there long (if at all). Due to restrictions with our around-the-world tickets, we are just using Madrid as a jumping-off point to go to northern Africa (Morocco, possibly Tunisia). Our plans have been rather fluid as of late, and it feels right to make decisions as we go, so we just don’t want to jump the gun and say we are going to be somewhere and then disappoint you later. :)

As a general guideline, here is our future travel schedule:

  • July 16 to August 10: London, Ireland, mystery country (possibly Sweden or Denmark)
  • August 10 to September 7: Turkey
  • September 7 to September 16: Jordan
  • September 16 to October 2: Egypt
  • October 2 to October 16: Morocco or Tunisia (via Madrid)
  • October 16 to October 30: Peru
  • October 30 to November 29: Argentina
  • November 29 to December 12: Chile
  • December 13, 2009: Home to San Francisco!

Also, we’ve added all our stops in Asia to the map so you can see all the places we’ve been so far! Enjoy!

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with any of this, it’s just a really funny ad we saw in Japan. Totally made my day…hopefully it will bring a smile to your face too!


  1. 08/07/2009

    If you end up anywhere in/near Germany, let me know!! I’m 2 hours east from Amsterdam, 2 hours north of Frankfurt. (Düsseldorf doesn’t have much to offer in terms of tourism) However, if you want a really freakin awesome city, Berlin is a-MA-zing. Granted, yes, I lived there for a year, but it’s cheap in comparison to the rest of European capitals/big cities/cities on the Euro and it’s such a cool, hip town. But again, let me know if you’re nearby b/c I’d love to see you guys!

  2. 08/07/2009

    ooh, sannie, you make berlin sound great! maybe we will go there…we are looking for a more affordable euro destination (that’s why we aren’t going to stay in london or ireland for very long). we looked into croatia and iceland, but both look too spendy. we’d really like to see you too! we’ll think about it and i’ll definitely let you know if we head your way.

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