30th September
written by Hope

Traveling through China is: Fascinating. At times frustrating. Shocking. Challenging.

And funny.

Yes, the moments of occasional agony will be broken up by daily chuckles and frequent delight. After the frustration has faded from the mind, one memory will persist: the Chinglish.

Chinglish tends to fall into one of three categories; the first being “Inadvertent Misspellings”:

but do i WANT to surf the internet wineless?
Yes, but do I WANT to surf the internet wineless?!?

convey your heartworm feelings
My dearest parents, friends, family, and business partners are definitely going to hear about my heartworm feelings.

Then there’s the “I Get What You Mean, But It’s Not Quite Right” category:


I always try to avoid everything danger activity.

chinglish, suzhou

This is where the internet comes from.

And finally, the “I Don’t Even Know What is Going on Here” group:

I’m glad my nickname isn’t “yjotf apish dodder.” Also, I am sure the pubic people did not appreciate being made her pet.

bad engrish grammar, suzhou
As a graphi-
c designe-
r, this sign r-
eally disturb-
s me.

amazing chinglish, suzhou
Wow. Just…wow.

See the rest of our Chinglish/Engrish photos here:



  1. Erika

    heehee. thanks for the laugh.

  2. Bunny

    Most funny was the Fire Department sign — and laugh out loud funny was your graphic designer remark. I’m still smiling.

  3. 09/10/2009

    These made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing :-)

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